What is CrazyTop10 Blog

Yow! Welcome to my little crazy top 10 blog. This little blog discuss top 10 to anything under the sun/moon/stars or after the BIG BANG. I will show you what are my top 10 crazy list in music, movie, sports, anime, video-game, and meme’s and so on as long as it’s crazy or something stupid…

The top 10 list are base on the other forum that I read (9gag, reddit, 4chan). They always have crazy ideas for top 10. In the forum we talk our top 10 list of anything and we vote for the list. And I post it here. Maybe some of you will disagree to our top list and I’m fine with that. We all have different thoughts of everything. And I do really care about it. If there any bothering in your mind in the top 10 crazy list, fill free to tell me. Thank you for reading and here is your potato..





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