Creating basic meme’s 101

Are you tired of sharing your funny moment, confusing, awkwardness, expressing an opinion etc. by just text or simple images on your Facebook status (or any kind of social media)? How about a crazy upgrade by using simple meme’s? yeah meme’s.. Meme are very popular in today social media, you can use stock images you can found in google or visit this site ( ) for the images.. A meme’s is sometimes composed of an image (any) and a big Text on the upper side and bottom of the image.


 According to my friend Google.
             A humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Meme’s is been in the internet for very long time but the internet people are keeping upgrading them. Using different image to share their thoughts or crazy ideas, success stories or whatever they think off.


Lets start.!!!

Insanity Wolf Meme  is an internet meme that portrays a gray wolf’s face on a black, white and gray background with text that depicts acts of murder, rape, torture and other acts of insanity.

This should be used to share a story of a time when you or someone you know

Insanity Wolf

did something that was really badass but, also may be mean or uncalled for.

Crazy Sample’s of Insanity Wolf Meme:



Success Kid meme (known as Sammy Griner) is an internet meme about a baby who is clenching his fist while featuring a determined look on his face.

This meme is used to brag about a personal 

Sammy Griner

accomplishment or to share good news

Crazy Sample’s of Success Kid Meme:




Bad Luck Brian meme (known as Kyle Craven)is an American Internet celebrity known for his ubiquitous photo posted on Reddit in 2012 which quickly became a popular meme.

This meme starts off sounding positive but end with something 

Sammy Griner

that shows bad luck (opposite of the one above)


Crazy Sample’s of Bad Luck Brian Meme:



Socially Awkward Penguin meme is an advice animal image macro series featuring a penguin lacking both social skills and self-esteem. The text typically narrates uncomfortable life situations, highlighting an exceptionally clumsy or inelegant response.

This starts with socially awesome penguin sharing a positive social interaction

Socially/Awkward Penguin

and then ends with socially awkward penguin and a negative social interaction (similar to above)

Crazy Sample’s of Socially Awesome to Awkward Penguin meme:



Actual Advice Mallard meme is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photograph of a male wild duck accompanied by captions containing life hacks and other useful information.

This should be used to share practical and useful advice.

Actual Advice Mallard

It’s not for a person’s personal opinion on things, even if it’s positive.

Crazy Sample’s of Actual Advice Mallard meme:



Awkward Moment Seal meme is an image macro series featuring a seal with a wide-eyed expression and captions describing socially awkward or uncomfortable situations in similar

This meme should be used to tell a story

Awkward Moment Seal

about something awkward that happened to you

Crazy Sample’s of Awkward Moment Seal meme:



Unpopular Opinion Puffin is an image macro series featuring a photograph of a baby puffin and various captions conveying opinions that are thought to be unpopular.

This meme is used 

Unpopular Opinion Puffin meme

to express an opinion that most people don’t agree with.

Crazy Sample’s of Unpopular Opinion Puffin meme:



Confession Bear meme is an image macro series featuring a photo of a Malayan sun bear leaning against a log.

This meme is used

Confession Bear

to confess something bad that you’ve done.

Crazy Sample’s of Confession Bear meme:



Everyone Loses Their Minds (sometimes known as “Joker Mind Loss”) is an image macro series based on a screen capture of the villain Joker (played by Heath Ledger) from the 2008 superhero film The Dark Knight. The captions typically juxtapose two thematically related events or actions that lead to drastically different public reactions.

Something bad happens and no one Bats an eye.

Sammy Griner

Something not as bad happens and everyone loses their minds.

Crazy Sample’s of Joker Mind Loss:



Sudden Clarity Clarence meme is an image macro series featuring a photo of a young man at a party staring into the distance as if he is experiencing an epiphany.

This used to share a deep philosophical thought.

Sudden Clarity Clarence

Usually something that is obvious but, most people don’t think about.

Crazy Sample’s of Sudden Clarity Clarence meme:



Hope you learn something here in “Creating basic meme’s 101”. those meme’s are basic/popular. You can change  those image to anything, as long it’s accurate to the  content inside.


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